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  • 【 Company Vision 】
    Chuangjia:The world's leading energy-saving products to provide new materials and fiber solutions provider.
    Meierjia:The world's leading energy saving reinforced plastic products and offer solutions provider.
    【 Our Mission 】
    Creating customer value and create employee well-being, promote social harmony
    【 Company Location 】
    Chuangjia Locate:World energy saving fiber material products first brand new! Focus on safety, lead, it can be recycled.
    Meierjia Locate:World energy saving reinforced plastic products the first brand! Focus on safety, lead, it can be recycled.
    【 The company's core values 】
    Value of customer:it is the source of our survival and development
    Teamwork:it is the source of powerful enterprises and individuals
    Achievements exchange:it is to prove the source of their growth
    Awe System:it is to protect the source of our sustainable development
    Adhere to honesty:the bottom line is that we abide by business source
    Adhere to innovation:we are faced with changes in the market is the source

  • Five Positions

    Company Philosophy
    【 Five Positions 】
    I love the motherland--Never intercourse harm the national interests of the people
    Loving leader--Never intercourse harm the reputation of leaders who
    Loving Customers--Communication never harm the interests of customers who
    Loves Company--Communication never harm the interests of the company who
    Love Team--Communication never hurt team player
    【 Company Philosophy 】
    Employing the concept:First position,The second capability
    Business philosophy:Adhere to business processes and rules,win-win,Ripe
    Service philosophy:Adhere to customer value,continue to operate
    Entrepreneurial ideas:Never slack entrepreneurial enthusiasm
    Promoted the idea:Creative achievements,accomplishments subordinate
    Growth concept:Learn and go beyond the first
    Compensation philosophy:Productive paid,no outcome is a shame
    Achievement concept:No excuses,anything is possible
    Management philosophy:Customer-oriented, scientific decision-making fast and efficient,accountable for
    Quality Concept:Customer satisfaction,continuous improvement,and create brand
    Environmental philosophy:Energy saving,green production
    Technology concept:Market-oriented,continuing research and development to meet market demand for
    technologies and products
    Security concept:People-oriented, focusing on prevention and safe operation

  • Seven

    Ten Kill Bill
    【 Seven 】
    Day:awe Country
    Location:Customer awe
    Jun:fear entrepreneurial shareholders
    Pro:awe veteran entrepreneurs
    Teacher:the fear of the first
    Respect:fear Company principles
    Filial piety:the fear of the power of corporate parenting
    【 Ten Kill Bill 】
    Those who break the law "kill"
    Corruption by "killing"
    Sell trade secrets of "kill"
    Damage to the company stakeholders "kill"
    Evil grab customers who "kill"
    Disinformation troublemakers "kill"
    Public against those who "kill"
    Promiscuity to those who "kill '
    Drinking troublemakers "kill"

  • Group 20 iron rules
    【 The company's interests above all else 】
    Companies of all employees to survive platform, not personal interests nor conflicts with. Once Huoqixiaoqiang, ranging from reprimand punishment, while dismissal leave. Everybody smashed boss or job, who also do not want to have a better life.
    【 Supreme team 】
    Team is the lifeblood of all sectors in the economy, market forces team support industry entities, moon hollow man unless you are from exotic.
    【 With the boss's own standards 】
    Individual salaries, pumped into the distribution of bonuses and although work performance-related, but they are ultimately the source of the foundation in the interests of the owner of the acquired companies on implementation. Therefore, in order to honor and seek to expand their own interests, it is necessary to the owner of standards to themselves. In the team, your supervisor, your customers are your boss, your attitude must be beyond them, otherwise you will never be accused of their objects.
    【 To do things in front 】
    What is regarded as the standard work? Only one standard, this is what you do before others, or after. If the boss think of things that make you do, you have done, but this is not really on the front, there's still the boss. If the boss did not think of the things that you done, great! Likewise, there are comparison target supervisors, co-workers to see if your efforts are in front or behind. Faced with a big stall logistics management and office personnel, prick people will be aggrieved very hard to accept, but you know, you can do in front of other people pick out a thorn, if you want to change the situation then.
    【 Response is the best reflection of personal values 】
    Reflect personal values based on the degree of need for your team on! Therefore, whenever a team boss or someone in the initiative to seek help work when the first time is the need to respond positively to the things, as it relates to your values embodied.
    【 Forward direction along the principle 】
    For directions only accept it in principle, we can not resist it. If you intend to stick with it and expect to make a difference. So how do we do things? Very simple, along the direction of the principles enshrined in the company forward, not to stray, do not the people around, including some instructions to your supervisor account.

  • Group 20 iron rules Ⅱ
    【 First, professionalism, after talents 】
    Various departments in a wide variety of people, but there are people existence is dispensable, because they do not have professionalism, they can not be relied on people, they are just some of the ellipsis sector, destined to be the only results seek modalities and procedures disappeared. Because the professionalism and the service itself, the service is both a means for customer service, but also a means for their colleagues around service.
    【 Specification is the authority specification is a spirit 】
    Some people do things never standardized, because they have never considered it to be, so they will never be suppressed, the results will always be negative. Specification is a spirit, a valuable habit, which it is not easy to develop reasons. However, there is no standard, there is no authority, specification means that you not only know life and work, but also know how to do them.
    【 Initiative is efficient, active, active, and then take the initiative 】
    Active people are the most intelligent people, is the best partner in the team, everyone wants to have a friend. Always remember, the spirit of initiative is your best teacher. In times of difficulty to help us, is an active rather than luck.
    【 Anyone can become a teacher 】
    For fear of making mistakes or to find psychological sense of security, people want to be able to rely on a man, to give advice, which is, the problem is that some people will always wrong leadership as the only teacher. To say nothing of being a leader of the teachers often do not like Ben Xiaohai this painful lesson, in fact, the team that anyone can become your teacher, as long as you humbly ask for advice, and not in order to achieve other purposes Quxianjiuguo. Because you need is knowledge, not a teacher.
    【 Three elements of work, plans, objectives and time 】
    Always have a plan, never to know the target, never forget to look at the time.
    【 Do not explain, should result 】
    Competitive society, in many cases, the explanation does not make sense, it means you want or you want others to shirk responsibility.
    【 Do not fabricate results, to roll up their sleeves to work 】
    Do not scare yourself with dire consequences or frighten others, first roll up their sleeves to work. The only way to know whether the result is really terrible, experience has shown that more than 95% because of the terrible guess roll up their sleeves and work disappear.

  • Group 20 iron rules Ⅲ
    【 Invalid prevarication 】
    In the face of failure, in the face of wrong, everyone knows that the worst thing to do is buck, buck-passing and the team is not valid. Team is like a chain, people always try to shift like the sand in the chain, it makes other people feel particularly uncomfortable, and people will deepen their understanding of your mistakes impression.
    【 Simple, simple, simple again 】
    Do not exaggerate, do not bluff, not to complicate the issue. Looking for shortcuts is the primary way to improve work efficiency. The same thing, if you can complete more than others simply good kind.
    【 Take 100 points is the duty 】
    Low-key life, to maintain healthy air around you, while high-profile work, you can win the support and reputation.
    【 Low-key life, high-profile work should not be reversed 】
    Low-key life, to maintain healthy air around you, while high-profile work, you can win the support and reputation.
    【 Communication can eliminate all obstacles 】
    Ability to communicate is the minimum quality of employees. Do not be afraid to communicate in a little trouble, if you do not want to face more trouble, it is necessary to communicate, it is necessary to coordinate all around. Smooth is not what happens, it is the result of communication.
    【 First, practitioners propaganda machine frame 】
    As the flow of business ads, regardless of walking through the streets or deep into the towns and villages, the way you have to slobber all the way song, spare no effort to make the company's products as well as trumpeter, this is your basic tasks. Of course, before encouraging others, first encouraged myself!
    【 Always keep ahead, keep an open mind, an open mind is to have modest performance 】
    In any one of the sales department, the most expensive is to make two people, one person courage to forge ahead, harvest their own, failure is the boss or bosses, and more importantly, these people left their own escape route boss or supervisor to take care of. Another person who has an open mind, they are modest, they can effectively accept the opinions of others, so their success is much faster than others, naturally big harvest.