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Customer Service
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We firmly believe that "customer first, integrity-based" principle of service, so when you buy Chuangjia group of products, we will to you provide satisfaction of a full range of services, you will not have any worries.

We firmly believe that "the first sale of credit, after selling the idea of products. Therefore, the careful will become a habit, we will be meticulous, dutifully as you solve problems.

We believe in the "adhere to customer value, and the common growth of customers" service philosophy, subtle see the spirit, will be accompanied by all aspects of our services for you, to the greatest extent to meet your needs.

Chuangjia group customer service center as the backing, with reasonable layout, timely response to the service system for you provide sound and thoughtful service. In the shortest possible time of the fastest speed, to provide the most effective service, for you to buy Chuangjia group products appear problem, within the period of validity of the contract you will get Chuangjia group professional after-sale service team to provide free technical consultation or door-to-door service. Where the company's product quality is indeed a problem, all costs borne by the company.

Global service hotline: 400-006-3177, our service intimate, Manufacturing carefully, price satisfaction, so that customers at ease. "Customer oriented", to provide customers with the overall comprehensive service; "service as the core", for customers to create the most valuable products; "quality as the center of gravity", a full range of services to customers!