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Development Path
  • 2015

    The company changed its name to"Shandong Chuangjia New Material Co.,Ltd"

  • 2014

    June, 100,000 tons of long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites projects successfully laid the foundation stone

  • 2014

    May passed the Ministry of Industry and field verification company, to become the first industry-access conditions for enterprises

  • 2013

    Established in July Mida Shandong Fu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

  • 2013

    March Incorporated Shandong Mastery Logistics Ltd.

  • 2013

    The company OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

  • 2012

    December Yanzhou Chuangjia glass fiber Products Co. sales exceeded 300 million yuan, Shandong US-kai Lovell Composite Materials Co. sales exceeded 080 million yuan

  • 2012

    Jan Korea Chuangjia Fiberglass Co., Ltd. established operations in May of the Middle East (Dubai) glass fiber processing plants

  • 2011

    In July, the company through 14001: 2008 Environmental Management System Certification

  • 2011

    Chuangjia expand the company's new rapier loom, reached a total of 300 units, the new expanded insulating sleeve knitting machines, the total reached 2,000 units, Shandong US-kai Seoul Composite Materials Co., Ltd. New on PE, PP-R production lines 6, production diameter from 20mm-630mm

  • 2010

    Register was established in September Shandong US-kai Seoul Composite Materials Co., Ltd., and formally put into production, the company was officially listed as "Shandong fine model for enterprise management," the company the full implementation of the use of "ERP" software control system

  • 2009

    June the company was awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Shandong" width 3.2 meters short carpet production line on a new

  • 2008

    Expansion of the insulating material workshop 5,000 square meters, the new sleeve knitting machine

  • 2007

    Construction of 10,000 square meters weaving workshop, the new rapier loom

  • 2005

    In April the company passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification

  • 2004

    June Yanzhou Chuangjia glass fiber Products Co., Ltd. Development of new plant put into operation

  • 2003

    September Yanzhou Economic Development Zone started construction Yanzhou Chuangjia glass fiber Products Co., Ltd. The new plant

  • 2002

    Incorporated in September Yanzhou Chuangjia glass fiber Products Co., Ltd.

  • 2000

    October Yanzhou Magician Industries bankruptcy

  • 1999

    Rental Arata platinum credit unions to expand the scale drawing

  • 1997

    Wei Yanzhou Code Section joint venture company officially put into operation

  • 1997

    January, now Chuangjia Group Chairman Zhu Zhi transferred to the present general manager of Yanzhou Mastery industrial companies, business start fiberglass

  • 1996

    Yanzhou Mastery Industry Company established a joint venture with the Italian Wei Make Yanzhou Wei Make Glasfiber

  • 1990

    Yanzhou Mastery Industry Company engaged in glass crucible drawing, the annual output of more than 200 tons