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Apply Information

1.recruitment methods

According to the company's development plan, combined with the needs of the employing department and key positions talent reserve requirements, the company stage release of the relevant recruitment information
① Every Thursday morning 9:00 to 12:00 in the area of the talent market to conduct on-site recruitment,
② Candidates can be landing Qilu talent network to apply for a job, the specific address: http://www.qlrc.com/personal/cp9761874.html

2.interview place

① Shandong Chuangjia new materials Co., Ltd.
Shandong Province Jining Yanzhou District Economic Development Zone Zhiyuan Road (take 7 Road, 16 road bus to the Development Zone, North 100 meters turn left West northbound 100 meters)
② Shandong Meierjia New Material Co., Ltd.
Shandong Province, Jining City, Yanzhou District Economic Development Zone, Xi'an Road (ride 7 bus to Hualong company off North 300 meters to the right to northbound East 200 meters)

3.contact the way

① Shandong Chuangji New materials Co., Ltd. Ms. Zhang, Mr. Song phone: 13793770975 13721916796 tel: 0537-3413483;
② Shandong Meierjia New Material Co. Ltd. Ms. Zhang Tel: 0537-3838882

4.application process

(When the company recruitment related key positions, may be different from the process);
① Job seekers to fill in the application form to submit the interview material (incomplete information, my company does not interview);
② Job seekers profile (1-2 minutes per person), the human resources department to do the first interview screening;
③ Human resources department to carry out enterprise propaganda;
④ The human resources department to do the job and planning;
⑤ The human resources department job seekers generally answer questions;
⑥ The human resources department for group interview and individual interview, individual job will increase professional skills test, foreign language testing process;
⑦ The choice of job seekers, whether to choose not to continue to re test; please inform HR department;
⑧ The department organization related to the leadership of the retrial, the general second interview is the final surface, until the company leadership for approval after notice in service period is generally a week, to the position does not match the personnel, our company without further notice. High order position according to company requirements stipulated retest.

5.interview with information

① The recent 1 inch bareheaded photo 2;
② Resume 1 copies (not limited to the format), college degree or above required;
③ Identity card and a copy of the original 1 copies;
④ Graduate certificate and a copy of the original one copy (if not graduate students, change for employment recommendation table copy or school one copy of the certificate of, really don't please attached to the student ID card copy one copy of);
⑤ The degree certificate and a copy of the original 1 (undergraduate graduate staff);
⑥ The vocational qualification certificate and a copy of the original one copy (e.g., foreign level certificate, computer grade certificate, electrician certificate, refrigeration operation certificate, ISO internal auditor certificate, human resources division, in addition to the job position appointment must be, this is not required);
⑦ The certificate in 1 copies (if not, this is not required);
⑧ The other relevant project experience and apply for post introduction or supplementary information (which is not required);
⑨ A person who has resigned, the company issued proof of departure or terminate labor contract report and a copy of the original one (key positions required);
⑩ Please bring the black pen to fill in the relevant information, convenient. Six, into the job for.

6.into the job for

① Through the interview, we will inform him to prepare the relevant information.
② My company's entry date for every Wednesday, the morning for the entry procedures, afternoon for new employees into the job training. In case of special circumstances, our company will notify the applicant in advance or call to inform.