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Qufu Normal University students come to my internship

Source:This station Author:admin  Views:3332 Date:2016/7/11 16:48:54

May 27, Qufu Normal University, more than 20 people to my group 12-day factory internship practice.
At the welcoming ceremony of practical activities, the Group President Chen introduced the Group's research capabilities, technology professionals and business requirements, warned students not only to learn professional knowledge, improve the ability, but also for self-management, and enhance the ability to adapt to society. As student counselor said, Chuangjia new materials company as a more influential companies in the industry, and Qufu Normal University, has many years of close cooperation, but also a large number of seniors work or worked here, and to enhance their ability, experience and value, it is the ideal choice for graduates.
The practical activities as a student out of school into the first class of society, company President Chen hopes the students show good quality and style in the internship, and to remind students to pay attention to safety, I wish a smooth and successful student internships.