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The company organized the staff occupational health examination

Source:This station Author:admin  Views:5502 Date:2016/7/11 16:49:21

To ensure the health of employees, to create a good working and living environment, improve employee welfare and security, strengthen occupational health care, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the health of employees. The company in cooperation with the Occupational Disease Prevention Hospital Medical Center, began on May 30, batches of the company staff conducted a comprehensive physical examination.
The medical projects including blood pressure, blood, internal medicine, pulmonary function, ECG and so on. As do the physical work, the company Integrated Office in advance with the medical staff matters Occupational Disease Prevention Hospital, for different types of employees, medical projects also made a corresponding distinction, and asked all units ahead of the relevant preparatory work.
The medical staff of occupational diseases hospital employees were introduced to the basics of occupational safety and health and basic requirements for the prevention of occupational hazards, improve employees' occupational disease prevention capabilities. After the inspection, the company will report truthfully inform healthy employees participate in the examination, the need for further examination staff to remind informed, to achieve the "early discovery, early informed" and inspection reports for all employees participate in the examination into the company established occupational health information file.
By conducting occupational health examination, helps employees understand the company's overall health, occupational health management for carrying out work to provide a reliable, real basis on which the occupational disease prevention established "prevention first, combining prevention with control" principle carried out, at the same time ensure that the majority of employees in a more full of spirit and abundant energy into work, and feel the company to give care and concern for the good and fast development of rapid injection stamina.