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A warm welcome to Jining City United Front Work Department Minister Wang former inspectors visit the company guidance

Source:This station Author:admin  Views:6844 Date:2016/7/11 16:49:55

May 11, Jining City, United Front Work Department Minister Wang Yuan and other leaders, accompanied by Minister Xu Jirui Yanzhou Chuangjia came together new materials company to inspect and guide enterprises united front work, the company vice president Chen, accompanied by inspection.
Minister Wang and his party first watch company videos, and heard a report on the company in the United Front and its development, be highly appreciated. Chuangjia Group expressed appreciation for the Chairman of the Board in the past year and outstanding work was awarded "outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics" and other honors. And we hope Chuangjia new materials company able to uphold the fine style of work, as always, make persistent efforts in the non-public ownership economy to politics, social responsibility, and make new contribution to tackling poverty action and party building and other work.
Chen said the new material Chuangjia Group will conscientiously implement the municipal and district United Front Work Department of the organization of work, actively participate in and do a good grass-roots united front work to create standardized work in implementing the Party's united front policy business process requirements, and further unite the people, gathering strength, to promote the business of the United Front work to a new level.